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Earth's Bounty: Latest Work
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Shae's Bounty

Earth's Bounty Book Four

I’ve been abducted and sold. But then I’m rescued… by the bad guy. 


When I find myself trapped on a secret pleasure station, I know it’s only a matter of time before I’ll be forced to earn my keep. I’m desperate and refuse to go down without a fight, despite knowing that my chances of escaping are less than zero. So when I’m given the opportunity to take down the alien monster who imprisoned me, I jump at the chance for revenge. 

All I need to do is crash his depraved masquerade. 

In order to do that, I’ll need to fake a relationship with Volethos, my unlikely rescuer. A known villian whose pale, yellow eyes follow my every move when he thinks I’m not looking. I’ve been warned that he can’t be trusted, but to pull this off we’ll have to be in close proximity. Very close. I’ll have to let him touch me and act like I like it.

 Except, what am I supposed to do when I stops being an act? 

Volethos is blurring all my lines and I might be in real danger of losing my heart to a male I know I shouldn’t.

Deja's Bounty

Stolen from her home world and sold to a pleasure station. Deja never planned to fall in love with one of her customers.

Most girls in my village can’t wait for their coming of age ceremony, but I’m not ready to be tethered to a husband or to lose my freedom. Ironically, I lose more than that when I’m ripped from my home world by slavers. I wake up naked and caged before I’m auctioned to Madame Athea Pleasure Station, where my virginity is sold, along with my body.

For ten years, this is my life. Everything changes when Xan walks into my room. In those short hours, this strange alien male achieves what no other has. He makes me want and feel. He makes me think of the impossible. But is love worth the risk he’ll take to steal me away? Because Madame Athea will never let me go.

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Earth's Bounty: Latest Work

Anna's Bounty

Turns out human DNA is spread all across the universe, but actual humans are believed to be extinct.That is, until I’m randomly picked up by a passing slave ship.

As if being abducted by aliens isn’t terrifying enough, now I’m about to be sold to a space brothel. I figure things can’t get much worse, until the ship I’m on is attacked by alien bounty hunters.

Sparks start to fly when I meet Rovos, the gorgeous leader who promises to take me back to Earth. Only, I don’t know where Earth is and the aliens who kidnapped me aren’t talking.

Despite our growing attraction, Rovos is determined to keep me at arms length. He knows the danger of his trade. The heartache it brings. So he vows to find me somewhere safe.

Even if it guts him to let me go.

Even if I beg him to let me stay.

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Earth's Bounty: Latest Work

Bela's Bounty

The secret that humans still exist in the universe is out, and that makes the women of earth dangerously desirable. 

Thanks to a botched translator implant, I’m near death when the aliens who abducted me sell me to the famed pleasure station, Lux. Where my first customer is a lizard-man with red scales, kind eyes, and a quiet nature.

It turns out, Treto isn’t here to use me, but to save me. He’s a bounty hunter who specializes in rescuing trafficked aliens, and he has been following me from Earth. He’s desperate to free me, but his back-up is delayed and the longer I’m trapped at the pleasure station, the more likely I am to be given to another alien. One that might not be as gentle as my savior.

I’m afraid it’s going to take more than one determined bounty hunter to extricate me from madame Athea’s clutches. Will she sell me for a dangerous night with a stranger or will backup come in time to get us out of the mess we’re in.

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Earth's Bounty: Latest Work

Igid's Bounty

A newly found cache of human females is being sought throughout the universe—and now it’s up to my crew to protect them.

Born in a slum of a brothel to an indentured mother, I’ve endured unspeakable things, but now, I am a badass bounty huntress. I’ve buried my past and with it, any desire for mates or kits. Those things were never meant for me anyway.

Tasked with locating the human women recently sold at an illegal auction, the last thing I need is for my heat suppressants to fail mid-mission. Thanks to my Niveron biology, I’m unexpectedly thrown into a heat unlike any I’ve ever experienced, and the only male who can help? Brox, the one person who can get under my skin, the one I’ve sworn not to get close to.

Now I have two choices; accept Brox’s help, or let my dark past send me fleeing from the one male who might be my future.

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Available now!

Earth's Bounty: Latest Work
Anchor 1

Aliens on Earth: a Limited Edition Science Fiction Romance Collection (Limited Edition Romance Collections)
Includes Sasha's Bounties by DEYSI O'DONAL

As if being abducted and then auctioned off to aliens isn’t bad enough, I have the misfortune of having it happen twice. 


Although, according to the giant lavender alien with horns, I’ve been rescued, not abducted. Pffft. Potato tomato. Apparently the ship full of raiders who he’s rescuing me from are the real villians. I just hope I haven’t gone from one frying pan into another. 


Still, Vruk makes me feel safe, but his mood swings are something else. Sweet and chatty one moment, silent and broody the next. He is patient as he helps me learn how to use the alien tech. But then the next time I see him, he’s staring me down and pinning me against the table until I think he might–


Then one night, I’m approached by two Vruks. Or rather, Vruk and Brettin. They are escaped pleasure clones turned bounty hunters and they are identical in every way. Including their growing feelings for me.


They both want me, and they are willing to share. 


Heaven help me, I might just be willing to let them.


When the opportunity to return me to Earth arises, I’m thrilled. But what about my alien bounties? Can I really leave them behind or could we all be happy on Earth. 

All net proceeds are going to St. Jude's Children's Hospital 

Available May 9, 2023

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