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Signed Monster Gentlemen's Club Trilogy SE Paperback
  • Signed Monster Gentlemen's Club Trilogy SE Paperback

    SKU: 9798869905338

    Previously released individually, now Defiled, Discarded, and Destined have been compiled into one special edition signed volume. 



    “Did you think I’d just let you go? You’re mine for the night, Mercy.”


    I’m chased through the wrong door where I end up auctioned to a monster who defiles me in the most delicious ways. We spend a single night together and at the end he wipes my memory, discarding me and sending me back to my sad life.

    But the Fates are determined to see us together, by putting me right back in his path. The more time I spend with him the more I realize that we just might be destined to be together.


    To keep me means going against The Brotherhood’s strict law. If Jarik wants to have any kind of future with me, he’ll need to reclaim his rightful title as alpha of alphas.

    It’s going to be a fight to the death and I’m the ultimate prize.


    Monster Gentleman’s Club includes three dark and filthy novellas. Defiled, Discarded, and Destined. These books have scenes that may be offensive to some readers. Please check content warnings before proceeding.

    18+ adults only.
    HEA guaranteed.
    Triggers: Oh yes.
    For a full list please visit Poppy on IG @poppywritergirl

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