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Content Warning

Please consider your triggers before reading any of my books

Feel free to message me about any concerns not mentioned.

Anna's Bounty

Earth's Bounty Book One

This story deals with abduction, threat of prostitution, violence, and explicit sex. If you are offended by any of these themes you may want to avoid this series.

Readers have mentioned theses specific triggers, that happen in the second chapter. 

Non sexual intimate touching/probing 

Implant being drilled into MFC's skull 

Bela's Bounty

Earth's Bounty Book Two

This story deals with alien abduction, prostitution, threats of prostitution on a minor, forced captivity, graphic violence, side character death, and explicit sex with alien anatomy. If you are in any way offended or sensitive to these subjects you may want to pass this by.

Igid's Bounty

Earth's Bounty Book Three

Implied/discussed past sexual abuse. Drugging the MMC character. Talk of Prostitution.

Explicit sex. Explicit violence. Violence against the MFC.

Shae's Bounty

Earth's Bounty Book Four

Shae’s Bounty is a little darker than my other books. 

Partially because Volethos has been the villian up until now, which means he’s been involved with a lot of the less savory aspects of my world. Especially those revolving around past abuse, trafficing, and prostitution.

Chapter Three: There is a scene involving implied/discussed/breifly audible sexual abuse. 

Chapter Twenty: Volethos gets a little too rough with oral, that starts out as being mutual but doesn’t end that way. He does stop, but not before it goes a little too far. 

Themes you'll find: 

BDSM, voyurism, swinging, and other kinks 

Brief displays of MM, FF, MFM, MMF, FFM on page sex acts. Prostitution. Implied past sexual and physical abuse around Volethos’ character. Threats of physical and sexual abuse of Shae. Explicit sex

Explicit violence/gore

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