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It’s always the quiet ones you need to worry about, and Poppy is certainly that. She likes secluded corners, empty coffee shops, and loud music that helps her imagination run wild.

Poppy is Deysi's much darker side and she loves to hear from her readers. The best way to reach out is through IG, find her there @poppywritergirl, but you can also email her at 

These book are Dark Romance and contain situations and scenes that  may be offensive to sensitive readars. Please check content warnings before jumping into this series or reach out to me if you have specific concerns.


Jarik and Mercy's Story


I’m chased into a secret monster sex club and now I’m being auctioned to a beast who wants to devour every inch of me. I’ve never been with a man before, so the way he touches me should be shocking. I shouldn’t like the depraved things he makes me do. I should be terrified of this controlling monster, but, try as I might, I can’t stop my traitorous body from responding to him.

It’s just for one night. When I wake up, there will be a fortune in my bank account and no memory of anything that happened. And yet, the way he makes my body sing has me wishing I could remember everything.


I had no intention of actually bidding at the auction. But the moment Mercy’s sweet scent hits me, I can’t help myself. It’s not just me, my beast is desperate for the frightened, innocent female up on that stage. Now her body is mine for the night. To use. To rut. I’ll take her in all ways, holding nothing back. Including my heart.

When the sun comes up, I’ll let her go and never see her again.

Except, now that my beast has had a taste, he doesn’t want to let her go and, Gods help me, neither do I.


Monster Gentleman’s Club consists of three dark and filthy novellas. Where a virgin finds herself auctioned and bought by a werewolf. 

18+ adults only. 

Triggers: Oh yes.
To find out more, visit me on IG @poppywritergirl

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